Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confessions of a Possible Techno-holic

I have a suspicion that I might be a Techno-holic.

Experts say that the first step on the road to recovery is to admit that you actually have a problem. I don't think I have a problem, but I'm not sure. Just to be certain, I'm going to do a self-diagnosis of my personal habits.

So in the spirit of self-help psychoanalysis, I've put together a list of warning signs that I just might be a Techno-holic.

I just might be a Techno-holic when...

  1. Five hundred bucks is too damn much to pay for a flat panel TV, or a netbook computer - or a desktop computer for that matter. But it's a perfectly reasonable price to pay for an iPad just so that I can watch Netflix re-runs while laying in bed at night.

  2. I now read all my email - both business and personal - on my mobile device.

  3. I carry both a Blackberry and an iPhone everywhere I go. The Blackberry is for company email and the iPhone is for everything else because let's face it: the Blackberry UI sucks and the iPhone UI rules.

  4. Paying five hundred bucks for a Kindle DX back in '09 was perfectly acceptable just so that I could read PDFs of market research while laying in bed at night (even though after 18 months I have yet to read a single one).

  5. I've put my newspaper delivery boy out of work and haven't shed a single tear because I now read The Wall Street Journal on my Kindle.

  6. I'm too lazy to turn on my TV just to set my DVR to record a program. Instead, I use the Xfinity TV iPhone app to do it. Oh...and I have the same app on my iPad too.

  7. I'm now systematically replacing all my classic LPs with downloads from iTunes.

  8. I love looking at that flashing blue Thingy on my iPhone's GPS.

  9. I've bought a second Blu-ray player just because my other one doesn't have built-in WiFi - just so that I can watch Netflix re-runs while laying in bed a night.

  10. I've completed this blog post using the HTML Edit iPad app while waiting in line for an oil change at Oil Can Henry's.

So, whaddya think? Am I a Techno-holic? My wife is vigorously nodding her head with an emphatic "Yes!" along with the classic eye-roll thing too. But I don't think so. I consider myself "an enlightened consumer."

Are you possible Techno-holic too? Post a comment to this blog post with your list of warning signs.


  1. You are not alone! I guess most people are the same! just check what people are doing when they on tain, at bus station.... everybdoy is carrying a gadget around!